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Tailored IT Solutions

Moruga® is a technology company unlike any other. As both a Managed Services Provider and Telecommunications Master Agent we bring a perspective and caliber of expertise completely unique to the marketplace.

Learn more about how we can leverage Managed IT services, Carrier Technology and our Cybersecurity Solution: Cybhermetics® to customize a solution designed to meet both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges.


The art and science of creating and implementing an airtight cybersecurity solution.

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Connect employees to the people, information and content to improve continuity and productivity.

Managed IT Services

Complete outsourced solutions including 24×7 monitoring and, most importantly, peace of mind.

Professional Services

From strategic to tactical, planning to delivery, or advisory to on-site, Moruga will empower your organization.

Cloud and Data Center

Our proprietary private cloud architecture delivers advanced security, optimal performance, and unmatched reliability.

Carrier Services

We combine extensive expertise delivering dynamic IT and telecom solutions with first-in-class support and automation.

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How insulated is your revenue? Are you staying ahead of the carrier race to zero? If you aren't offering Managed IT Services to your customers you simply can't answer "yes". Do yourself and your customers a favor and diversify your portfolio with Moruga IT Solutions.

Through our world class systems and operations resources Moruga strategically bridges pre & post-sale support ensuring that you can focus on driving revenue. At Moruga, regardless of service or opportunity, you won't be handed off to a carrier Channel Manager and left to fend for yourself.

Microsoft 365 Collaboration Solutions

Connect employees to the people, information and content to improve continuity and productivity.

Managed IT Services

Scalable 24x7x365 IT support provides proactive monitoring and fault detection identifying network issues before they become disruptive.

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Moruga: the preeminent fusion of Managed IT & Telecommunications

Thousands of businesses served throughout the US & across the globe

An intimate network of hand-picked strategic partners

Thousands of networks managed

Service in all fifty states

Tens of thousands of locations served

Over a dozen countries served

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Reliable and Affordable Carrier Services.

Moruga is a pioneer and a fixture in the telecom agency industry. With numerous strong, long-standing carrier relationships across the US and throughout the world, we combine extensive expertise delivering dynamic IT and telecom solutions with unrivaled support and automation.

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Our dedicated executive Team

Having the right technology resource on your side can make the difference between your business thriving or simply surviving.

Ed Parker Moruga IT

Ed Parker
Founder / Chief Executive Officer

“I take pride in the fact that this team is so connected. The communication channels are open. We’ve all worked together for years – in some cases, decades – and it shows, when you see how everyone leverages each other’s strengths. I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by such consummate pros.”

Dean Jordan

Dean Jordan
Co-Founder, President

“Our clients come to Moruga because they are looking to build a relationship with a team that really wants to be their advocate. We’re advocates for their success: If they aren’t happy with a service, we fail. If they succeed, we succeed.”

Dennis James Moruga IT

Dennis James
Co-Founder, Chief Legal Officer

“Customers benefit most when they have a team that shows enthusiasm for the work, exhibits great professionalism, and wants to succeed. That’s Moruga. What a customer should know: They are dealing with a company that cares about them, and cares about each other.”

Kelly Brake

Kelly Brake
Chief Operating Officer

“At Moruga, the needs of our smaller customers are just as important as the needs of our larger customers. Regardless of size, we ensure you’re surrounded by an excellent team.” 

Jon Butina Moruga IT

Jon Butina
Vice President of Strategic Technologies

“We’re not a cookie cutter solution provider.  We know there’s not one solution that fits everyone. We customize all of our solutions to meet the needs of each client because every client is different.”

Michelle Kirkland

Michelle Kirkland
Director of Operations 

“Moruga has white glove service; we treat customers like no other provider treats them.”

Nicole Langford

Nicole Langford
Director of Finance and Compliance

“Empowered employees who can take care of their customers make all the difference. We know that if we do our job well, our customers succeed – and that’s the culture of this company.”

Real Support. Real Solutions.

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