The art and science of creating and implementing an airtight cybersecurity solution.

Cyber – Relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology and virtual reality.

Hermetics – The process of creating a container of sort that is airtight.

Due to the adaptation of cloud technologies, the boundaries between your organizations network and the public world are becoming ever increasingly blurred.  Therefore, securing your network has become a monumental challenge.  Moruga has designed its cybersecurity solutions offering, Cybhermetics, specifically to meet the challenges presented by these complex environments and by the connectivity needs modern organizations face.  While the adage of 100% security means 0% productivity is still true, we attempt to find a balance that provides as much security as possible while still ensuring a simplistic work environment for your employees to be productive AND safe.

Records Exposed by Data Breaches in the first half of 2020
Percent of Organizations Worldwide Experienced Phishing attempts in 2019
Percent of Business Leaders feel their Cybersecurity Risks are Increasing.

Cybhermetics Compliance

Whether your organization must meet specific security compliance requirements or not, having and maintaining written security policies and computer network documentation is a must. In addition, ensuring your employees are trained and kept up to date regularly on the latest cyber security threats is more important than ever. Moruga’s Cybhermetics Compliance offering provides for managed security policy and documentation services to ensure your organizations security policies and network documentation is accurate and up to date at all times. We also provide your employees with quality security awareness training to ensure they understand the new threats they are facing and are tested regularly to ensure they continue to keep security a top priority. Moruga can review, revise, and recommend cyber security insurance to help mitigate costs in the event of an attack.

 Corporate Security Policy and Documentation

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Vulnerability Assessments

Compliance Certification

Cyber Security Insurance

Cybhermetics Access Solutions

Access solutions such as IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, etc. are still widely used throughout the industry to provide secure access organizations
private networks. With the adaptation of cloud technologies, the lines between your private network and the public world are becoming
more and more blurred. New technologies have been created to help keep up with the security challenges associated with the ever-
changing cloud landscape. Solutions such as software defined perimeters, zero trust security, network access control (NAC) and identity
and access management are becoming necessary to sure the safety of your organizations data and computer networks. Moruga routinely
assists enterprises with these technologies and more to sure your users can access the data and applications necessary to do their work in
a safe and productive manner.

Next Generation Firewall Solutions

Traditional VPN Solutions

Software Defined Perimeter (Next Gen VPN) – Zero Trust Security

Identity and Access Management Solutions

Network Access Control (NAC)

Cybhermetics Intelligence

The adage of 100% security equals 0% productivity remains true. This means that if you allow your computer or computer network to communicate with other organizations’ computer networks (email, web pages, etc.) you have put your organization at risk. Sometimes attacks are obvious, sometimes you do not know you are being attacked for hours, days or even weeks. The importance of having the right technology in place that can monitor and log all your network connectivity and security information has become a requirement.
Monitoring and logging this information is a great first step. Knowing when and how to act on it is equally as important. A comprehensive SIEM (Security information and event management), Cyber Security AI (artificial intelligence), and SOC (security operations center) allows your organization to respond in near real time to events ensuring minimal disruption or catastrophic consequences.

Monitoring and Alert Management

 Network Device Logging

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

 Cyber Security AI

 SOC (Security Operation center)

Cybhermetics Endpoint Security

Most cyber security attacks originate on endpoint devices located in a secure network. Security awareness training and edge or software
defined edge security can only do so much to protect your devices from the modern threat’s organizations are facing daily. Having quality
endpoint security solutions is a necessity. Traditional AV, combined with EDR (endpoint detection and response) and email security can
help ensure your end points are protected and do not pose a threat to the devices they communicate with.

Antivirus and EDR/MDR/XDR

Email Security

Video Surveillance Systems

Zero Trust networking is a security model that forces all devices and applications to prove who they are and why they are necessary
before they are trusted. This is applicable to people as well. Video surveillance systems that can perform advanced functions such as
facial recognition to ensure disgruntle ex-employees, sex offenders, etc. are not allowed on-premises; that can detect elevated body
temperatures and/or facial masks during pandemics; that have built in AI to alert on abnormalities are even increasingly important to all
organizations. In addition, ensuring those video feeds are being monitored so that events do not slip through the cracks is important as
well. Moruga can design, deploy, and manage all your video surveillance needs.

 Video Surveillance Systems

 Video Surveillance Monitoring

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