Zero Day Protection

Defending Against Zero Day Attacks 

A Zero Day attack refers to a cyber vulnerability that was unknown to your organization’s software vendor, but has been targeted for exploitation by cyber attackers. As that vulnerability is being exploited, the targeted vendor has “zero days” to develop – and implement – a fix. Essentially, urgency is everything. 

Zero Day attacks are potentially devastating to your business. They are less likely to trigger an operating system security warning. They are also unlike other forms of attack – phishing, malware, spoofing – because they deliberately target software flaws and access to operating systems. When a zero-day vulnerability is discovered, the urgency to patch it is quite serious: attackers may have already gained an entry point into your network operations.  

To mitigate the impact of Zero Day attacks, it’s important to stay current with cybersecurity news of emerging threats. Emerging threats are often swift and precise, so it’s crucial to immediately patch Zero Day vulnerabilities and create barriers against known and unknown threats. 

Zero Day mitigation plans need to be comprehensive, and most organizations benefit from having a partner in Zero Day Attack protection. Moruga has developed a new multi-layered cybersecurity bundle called Zero Day Protection Suite™ to shield your endpoint devices from cyberthreats. The Zero Day Protection Suite™ includes:

  • Bitdefender, a tool from a proven global leader in cybersecurity, to provide an antivirus platform consistently rated among the best antivirus technologies in the industry.
  •  ThreatLocker®, one of the best artificial intelligence-based behavioral security tools available, to learn the “normal” patterns of your systems and applications and block activity that deviates from those patterns.
  • Storage Control, to provide policy-driven control over storage devices, including local folders, network shares, or external storage such as USB drives. 
  • Browser Security tools to protect endpoint devices against corruption. 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response, to perform real-time endpoint security through continuous monitoring of end-user devices.

The Moruga Zero Day Protection Suite™ doesn’t end with industry-leading cyber tools. Included in this complete solution are:

  • Security Awareness Training to educate your organization’s employees about the potential risks and cyberthreats to applications, networks, and devices. 
  • Vulnerability Assessments to audit every device on your organization’s network. 
  • Security Policy and Documentation Templates to help shape critical elements of a robust cybersecurity plan.

Elevate your organization’s protection to meet today’s cybersecurity needs. Ready to connect? It’s as easy as reaching out for your cost-free consultation. We’ll respond within one business day. Connect now.

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