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Microsoft 365 Solutions: How These Can Benefit Your Business?

Organizations can drive business growth by adapting digitally to meet employee and customer demands. Markets and Markets found that the digital transformation market is expected to reach over $1,548.9 billion by 2027 as businesses continue to make significant digital transitions. Adopting digital technologies such as AI, machine learning, and cloud computing resulted in exponential growth for industries worldwide. One such digital solution is Microsoft 365, which combines productivity software, collaboration tools, and cloud-based services from Microsoft. In today’s post, we’ll look at how using Microsoft 365 can benefit your business:

Ease of collaboration

Microsoft 365‘s tools have built-in communication and collaboration tools that allow your employees to collaborate with each other and external parties. Businesses that make the most out of Microsoft 365 Collaboration Solutions benefit from Microsoft Teams’ multi-device communication, efficient file sharing, and real-time voice and video conferencing—with a built-in option to create cloud recordings with transcription and translation. Teams also offer Business Voice, a cloud-based, secure telephone solution and phone system for your organization. Together, these features create a one-stop collaboration tool for your business so you aren’t disorganized when communicating across multiple platforms.

Streamlined advertising efforts

Advanced strategies in advertising can help make your organization more visible to your target audience on search engines like Google, thus boosting sales. Using Microsoft 365’s productivity platform, ad and marketing teams can fine-tune their advertising strategies within a singular, integrated platform. A guide on improving a Google quality score from Ayima explains how Google aims to provide a top-notch user experience, usually by giving a competitive advantage to advertisers with the most relevant and highest quality ads. A better quality score means Google will charge your ad team less per click, leading to a lower cost for conversion. Given this competitive advantage, your team can use 365’s host of apps to monitor ad performance. They can compile information in Excel to analyze website traffic data and identify trends, run specific Teams and channels to coordinate campaigns or utilize third-party integrations that make reporting easier.

Powerful AI image tagging

Most recently, Microsoft introduced its AI foundation model called Florence. Florence is trained with text-to-image pairs and is integrated with Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Service for Vision. This service provides computer vision capabilities for analyzing images, reading text, and detecting faces with prebuilt image tagging. Organizations that work with large amounts of images and videos, such as automotive, media, retail, and manufacturing, can benefit from Florence’s features. Because Florence is integrated into Azure Cognitive Services as an API, developers can also use and embed it into various applications that help the organization.

Increased accessibility

Finally, Microsoft has also recently announced at the annual Ability Summit its plans to launch a new accessibility assistant to its 365 product. To make its products more accessible to the people that use them, this new accessibility assistant will offer better defaults, real-time remediation, and guidance to prevent and correct any accessibility issues. Within the Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft’s Translator tool is also getting an update with 13 additional languages, totaling 125 speech-to-text supported languages. Azure will also provide improvements through automatic alt text for images and Microsoft’s Seeing AI app. Increased accessibility will allow businesses to be more inclusive and diverse in their efforts.

These are only some benefits of using Microsoft 365 solutions to drive business growth and organizational productivity. Due to the various apps and tools offered in the 365 platform, organizations can have a one-for-all solution for different tasks throughout projects and campaigns without switching to other apps or websites. This creates a more efficient workflow for everyone, as you only need to train employees to use Microsoft 365 instead of multiple platforms. Microsoft’s AI and accessibility upgrades also make work more accessible and more inclusive of your employees who may need these features.

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