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Top cybersecurity concerns for 2023: how to protect your business…It’s a new year, full of possibilities and potential for your company to flourish. It’s also a time to renew your cybersecurity efforts to match evolving cyber threats and prevent devastating consequences.

Defending against cyber threats is a challenging task for any organization. Security experts agree: threats in 2023 will continue to expand and plague IT infrastructures as cyber criminals get ever more sophisticated. Cybercrime has become its own business, a business that is growing every day.  

Here are just four of this year’s top security concerns for you to consider, as you renew your cybersecurity efforts for 2023:

The workforce. End users are among the top cybersecurity threats in 2023. Why? They represent points of vulnerability. It’s important to evaluate end-user security and work on securing workstations with things like email filtering, and endpoint detection and threat response – particularly for companies that have embraced any work-from-home policies. As the mobile workforce expands and employees work from home on their personal devices, networks are stretched and vulnerable. As companies migrate some – or all – assets to the cloud, the need for cloud security has increased. Lack of employee training is another workforce vulnerability. Human error continues to be a factor in cybersecurity breaches. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Machine learning is innovative for improving business performance and processes, but criminals are also accelerating its use to steal logins and access private databases. Cybercriminals go after easy targets to access a private network, and attackers are moving beyond basic web attacks to more complex attacks by leveraging automation and cloud environments. 

Ransomware and malware. Ransomware and malware continue to be among the top attacks of choice to compromise systems and organizations – and these types of attacks can cripple a business, requiring significant time and money to resolve. Criminals attack small and medium businesses as well as larger ones, operating on an assumption of vulnerability: large businesses, they think, may have greater IT security resources. 

Phishing. Some experts say phishing is 2023’s biggest threat, evolving from simple to elaborate, multi-step attacks. Frequency is also a factor, as criminals relentlessly hit small businesses and huge corporations alike. Data breaches, disruptions – and your company’s reputation – are all at stake. Some reports indicate that up to 40% of customers will abandon a company, if trust is lost.

So what is the good news for 2023? The news is not all ominous. Businesses can sharpen their focus on securing and protecting critical infrastructure and employee credentials in the new year. Attacks can be mitigated with training, penetration testing, multi factor authentication/ layered security, and many other tools. Security across an enterprise can be attained with careful planning and vigilance, and there are organizations dedicated to doing exactly that. 

As a Managed Services Provider and Telecommunications Master Agent, Moruga has led clients through IT security, reliability, and performance enhancements that are state-of-the-art in the business technology community. Moruga is ready to partner with your business to meet the requirements of today’s hectic tech terrain. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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