IT Solution Pandemic-Ready

Your business is competing in a never-ending race to reach, close and maintain customer relationships. With COVID-19 disrupting business, companies most likely to persevere are those that first remain composed and avoid internal panic. Is your IT Solution Pandemic-Ready?

Winning in The COVID-19 Turn

All great race car drivers understand one truth; races are won “in the turns”.  To enable a fully remote/mobile workforce you must verify secure connections are available to employees accessing key business communications and collaboration tools. To be successful in a COVID-19 transformed world you must be decisive if you’re going to win in this downturn.

In any crisis, leadership must be objective when assessing capabilities as well as shortcomings. This should address an event, or series of events, that impacts, or potentially impacts, an entity’s operations and ability to do business. In the case of COVID-19, the event is easy to identify. What’s a bit harder to put a finger on, is the vulnerabilities associated with your current network technology.

Key facets to evaluate are;

  • Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Continuity
  • Single-points-of-failure
  • Quality of Service
  • Qualitative and quantitative impacts from disruptions

You must also assess the following;

  • Disruption response
  • Minimum service requirements
  • Vendor availability

Once you have a good picture of the threat, your capabilities and what you need to continue operations, you can realistically plan. Should the virus continue to spread you will be well-served if you regard the COVID-19 as an opportunity for prolonged self-evaluation and encourage the revision of legacy plans and processes, as well as the creation of new ones.

Who Can Help You Prepare?

COVID-19 just made remote work the new normal.  The fallout has created more reliance than ever on trusted technology advisors.  It can be daunting to sort through the endless options for IT solutions and connectivity offers. Too often sales professionals are obligated to recommend the solution that’s best for their organization rather than a comprehensive analysis of the options that are best for yours.

As a full-service Professional IT company, Moruga is the trusted technology advisor you are looking for.  When times are difficult reliable resources are more vital than ever.  At Moruga we only “win in the turns” when you do.

Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your current and future technology strategies.


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