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Jon Butina

Vice President of Strategic Technologies

Quote: “We’re not a cookie cutter solution provider.  We know there’s not one solution that fits everyone. We customize all of our solutions to meet the needs of each client because every client is different.”

With a career forged at the intersection of innovation and customer service, Jon Butina provides decades of experience to the leadership role of Vice President of Strategic Technologies. 

Jon Butina leads Moruga’s technology team, helping to identify and develop products and applications that leverage technology in the context of customers’ operating, networking, and security needs. 

As part of the team shaping Moruga’s service solutions, Jon develops the foundation for current and future business technology capabilities, from product development to implementation and beyond. Jon explores new and emerging technical solutions to discern how technology will shape the future of cutting-edge business solutions. He effectively engages trends and innovations to support current customer needs, as well as the direction of each customer as it continues to grow and change. 

Jon’s previous experience spans leadership-level roles at both InLynx and NetFusion Services. He has led massive exchange and active directory migration and merger projects for international clients to benefit more than 100,000 employees at a single company, ensuring a seamless transition. He has also applied his knowledge of best practices and technology solutions to empower small businesses with unique needs. 

Jon Butina studied at Michigan Technical University and has held international information technology certifications and credentials in network architecture, operating systems, hardware, and security. 

Jon works hard to be a connector – whether it be through the technology research and development communities, customer communities, or among the team at Moruga. Jon Butina believes that because the core Moruga team has been together for more than 20 years, there is a valuable synergy for customers: Moruga’s team dynamic is strong and supportive, and team members intuitively collaborate to create successful solutions. 

An avid advocate for children in the foster care system, Jon has been both a foster and adoptive parent. He continues to volunteer his time to speak to prospective foster parents through agency training programs.

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